The team of the International Youth Center – Pernik includes six youth workers, two educational mediators and a manager.

A social worker, psychologist, host, receptionists, hygienists and security are about to join our team very soon..

Who are we?


My name is Valentina and I am the first educational mediator at the International Youth Center – Pernik!
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Married, with three grown sons aged 28, 27 and 20.
👩‍🎓 I completed my Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Philology of PU “P. Hilendarski” – specialty “Bulgarian language and Russian language”. I worked as a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature, and later as an expert on ethnic and demographic issues in the Regional Administration – Pernik.
🏠 The city where I’m born has a great attraction for me. I believe that everyone who is raised here has ideas for its development, because being a native of Pernik is a vocation!
Young people are the ones who, with their ingenuity, ideas and persistence, will do a lot for the betterment of the city and its inhabitants, following the principle that the things we want are not going to happen by itself, but because of someone’s engagement!


I am Elena Gerginova and I have the inspiration to be a youth worker for the center.
Nature is my inspiration. I think that humans easily forget that we are one with all the living things around us!
Children are my strength and weakness. I have worked in a parent cooperative as an educator, animator and teacher of children’s yoga. I started attending yoga practices regularly during my student years and enrolled in a postgraduate qualification at the National Academy of Sports. I graduated in 2011 with an incredible flow of teachers, yoga followers and experiences. 🔥
At the same time, my nephew became a part of the family and I decided to take a course for children’s yoga instructors at the Yoga Federation. I have a published book, named “Lyoni`s Stories with Yoga”. I also completed the RYE “Yoga in Education” training.
At home I have three bunnies, a giant snail and a goldfish. I like to read books, film music and semolina halva. I try to see comfort and goodness in everything!


I’m Alexander Yordanov or Alek – for short.

Why did I choose to be a youth worker?
That’s a good question that I’ve been looking for an answer to for a very long time.
But since I enjoy working with teenagers the most, I will give an answer that I hear often and it continues to inspire me: : “BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME”!

I graduated “Psychology” at New Bulgarian University.
Since 2012 I have been a member of “Pulse” Foundation, having passed through the positions of “volunteer”, “outreach specialist” and “coordinator of health programs”, and to date, I am the leader of the “Youth club” of the foundation.
I am also a part of the team of the trainers of the National Youth Forum.

I believe that the Youth Center in Pernik is the step we need and I am sure that it will be AWESOME!


Hello, I’m Asya and I’m happy to take the role of youth worker at the International Youth Center Pernik.

I love life in all its forms and everything that contributes to its fullness inspires me. Communicating with people opens up new horizons and challenges, which are a great incentive for change, and change is life. One of the most important factors in communication are the languages, and therefore I have a great interest in them. I love the power of words and the potential they hold.

Volunteering for me is a major part of my life. It gives me the opportunity to meet people among whom I find a way to myself, which expands my horizons and inspires me. The possibilities that volunteering opens up to each person according to their interests are limitless. I have been convinced for a long time that this is a fulfilling way to develop yourself, doing something useful for others. Here I see only benefits, because by developing ourselves, we become more useful to others and, accordingly – to the whole society.


I am Veselin and I am an educational mediator at the International Youth Center Pernik.

I was born and raised in the city of Pernik and I am really happy that our city is developing more and more and I believe that it will continue to be so in the future.

Since my school years, I have participated in lots of activities for the youths in the city – “Pernik for Youth” Academy, debate clubs, Permanent Roma Conference and many others, which have made me the person I am today! “
I am currently studying “Bulgarian Philology” at South-west university “Neofit Rilski” .

I have various interests – photography is my most developed one. I like to visit new places, meet different people and go out in nature, because these are the ways I am “recharging”.

I am glad to be part of the team of the International Youth Center – Pernik, because it will give me the opportunity to be in a different environment and also to rediscover myself!


My name is Elizabeth Marinova and I am a youth worker at the IYC Pernik.
Bachelor’s degree – “Non-formal education” at SU “St. Kliment Ohridski” in the faculty of Pedagogy
I have been introduced to the youth sector through volunteering and social work. Exactly these two values give me a sense of meaning and belonging. As more time pases this sense deepens in me.

In 2021, I took part in a long-term internship of the European Solidarity Corps. During my internship, I got to know lots of different cultures and attitudes towards the world. I spent my internship as a volunteer in “Center for Euro Initiatives” – they were so kind to introduce me first-hand youth work 101, which inspired me to continue when I returned back to my country.

In my spare time I’m hiking, volunteering, playing board games or riding some board with wheels or not. Recently I illustrated my first children’s book on soil biodiversity.


I am Katerina and I am happy that I will be able to create what I personally have always… until now, missed in the city – occasions for gathering young people, exchanging experience and inspiration.
I graduated from SWU “Neofit Rilski” – “Public Relations”.
For many years I worked in the field of tourism. My interaction with a wide variety of people from all over the world, with different values, religions, views and social status, has made me a broad-minded and quite adaptable individual to a diverse environment. ☺
I have experience in organizing events: art festivals, dance battles, camps & etc. This is what I am good at and that is why I am glad that we will be able to create events here – in the beloved Pernik.
I’ve been dancing for my whole life, that and spending time with my dog ​​are my two ways to let loose.
Everything else I will be happy to discuss at the events that are waiting for you at the International Youth Center Pernik!


I am Lubomira. Proud mother of two human and two furry children (a dog and a cat). I have been a youth worker at IYC-Pernik since October 2021.

I have studied in different spheres of formal and informal education, and each of them has left a mark on me with a rich palette of knowledge and skills. I have a master’s degree in “Diplomacy and International Relations”, a bachelor’s degree in “Bulgarian Language and History” and a “Journalist – Press Editor” specialization. My first contact with non-formal education was in 2006, when I graduated from the Social Policy Academy of the Institute for Social Integration, co-organised by the Bulgarian School of Politics and the New Bulgarian University. Two years ago, I also completed the first comprehensive program in Digital Marketing at SoftUni.

I am an emotional person with versatile interests, always looking for something new and not afraid of challenges. I love traveling, walking in nature and meeting new people. In my free time, I am also actively involved in making jewelry and other accessories from braided ropes using the macrame technique.

I value honest people and relationships, I believe in goodness. I live with the thought that each of us can and should be an active citizen and give our contribution so that we all live better, here and now.