● Youth Center "FITT Timisoara", Romania, Timisoara

Here we met some of the young people who visit the center and got involved in some of their activities. The rich infrastructure and millions of opportunities for spending free time that the center creates surprised us! We also visited some of their outsourced youth spaces, which inspired us to have more of them in Pernik as well. We were also among the first visitors to “ANALOG mania” – a special exhibition that chronologically presents the evolution of film art!

● "European Youth Center Budapest", Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, together with our colleagues from  Youth Center – Vratsa, Youth International Center – Burgas and our program operator – Local Development Programme, we were introduced to the functions and mission of the European Youth Centers. They are resident educational institutions of the Council of Europe.

We discussed with them what are the strategic priorities of the Council of Europe in the youth sector, how to create, maintain and manage a Center and why this process is much more than its constituent elements.

● "Ekološki Centar Radulovački", town of Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

In 2022 we visited Sremski Karlovtsi, Serbia twice.

For the first time, the IYC-Pernik team, together with young people from the Pernik Region, had the opportunity to get to know the youth work in the Republic of Serbia.

Over the course of five days, we were able to talk about:

➡️Volunteering and non-formal education.

➡️The use of external spaces for conducting trainings.

➡️Youth policy in the Republic of Serbia.

➡️Youth spaces, their characteristics and differentiation.

➡️Development of an event plan.

We visited OPENS – “Omladinska spetstina Evrope Novi Sad in Novi Sad”, where we got acquainted with their activities and their way of working, and together with NAPOR – “Nacionalna asocijacija praktičara/ki omladinskog rada” we discussed the meaning and functions of the “youth worker”.

During our second visit, we held a working session, sharing progress since our last meeting and flagging strategic partnership activities with the centre.